Contacts and NPC's

Kun Ying

  • Bartender at a bar in Huangpu, The Happy Ox, which has a gaudy AR and painted sign depicting anthropomorphic animals including a shirtless, well endowed Ox in tight pants and some curvaceous cows in heavy makeup gripping him tightly around his thigh and waist.
  • Low level fixer for various Red Poles in the area that belong to the Zaan Jip Kong.
  • She is in her mid thirties, ork, of obvious Asian decent, but indeterminate ethnic features. She is rather tall, with bland features, but a voluptuous figure that she shows with tight jeans and t-shirts.
  • Usefulness: Acquiring unlicensed melee weapons, pistols, drugs, and some medical supplies.
  • Interests / Education: Huangpu Area Knowledge, Zaan Jip Kong in Huangpo, Local Rumors, Guangzhou Legal System
  • Connection Rating: 1

Johnny “Hands” Li

  • 80 Dragons Double Flower (Sheung Fa)
  • A small time fixer that has a scratched enough face to have the loyalty of several Red Poles throughout Guangzhou. Has served time for racketeering and bribery.
  • He is in his early 30’s, a dwarf of Yue ethnicity. He dresses the part of a gangster and stays clean shaven, his hair he keeps short and styled.. He usually wears dark red metallic or platinum ear studs and is extensively tattooed over his body.
  • Usefulness: Acquiring talent, electronics, B&E gear, setting up meets.
  • Interests / Education: 80 Dragon politics, street rumors, Erxanta procedures, Canton Confederation Prison System, Shadowrunners in Guangzhou
  • Connection Rating: 4

Allan Cheng

  • Erxanta Beat Cop in Laugang.
  • A dedicated public servant willing to bend the rules to ensure justice is served and the people in his jurisdiction are protected. He is a personable guy that is equally comfortable talking shop with the local hoods or giving oral reports to the review board. He has been accused of “looking the other way” wen it serves his cause.
  • He is a good looking, fit male human in his early thirties. He assists detectives in working cases but generally patrols with a partner in the rougher neighborhoods of Laugang.
  • Usefulness: Acquiring illicit goods, favors regarding the local police.
  • Interests / Education: Laugang street rumors, criminal syndicate operations, Erxanta Police procedures, Cantonese and Guangzhou code of laws, gangs of Guangzhou
  • Connection Rating: 3

Mei Lin

  • Human Socialite
  • This well connected matriarch of the Wei family moves amongst many of Guangzhou’s elite social circles. She is charming, wealthy, and devious. She deftly positions herself to always keep her family name connected to the right people, protecting it’s legacy and fortunes.
  • She is a fit, attractive woman in her 50’s, yet she barely looks over 30. The only thing that betrays her age is her eyes, which show the weight she bears of her family name and her long days and short nights of sleep.
  • Usefulness: Introducing people to other people, gaining information about Guangzhou’s movers and shakers.
  • Interests / Education: Local politics, who’s who, corporate politics, national politics, finance, criminal syndicates.
    Connection Rating: 5


  • Fixer / Ms. Wu for the Zaan Jip Kong
  • Female Elf of Southeast Asian descent, she usually favors snug jeans and loose fitting blouses or sweaters on cooler days
  • She has a very cool, professional demeanor, and is not known to become rattled
  • Usually meets at the Savannah Club, a jazz club located in Panyu in the southeast corner of the Ze We building, an 8 story mixed use building off of 47th and Lantan
  • Usefulness: Hiring talent, purchasing info on rival criminal outfits, acquiring goods and services from various Zaan Jip Kong enterprises, mostly specializing in legal goods people want to acquire without generating a paper trail
  • Interests / Education: Panyu area knowledge, underworld politics, Wu’s Who of Guangzhou, Zaan Jip Kong culture
    Connection Rating: 5

Thiha (Brother), and Thiri (Sister)

  • Leaders of a community of Hmong Burmese Ork refugees
  • Twins
  • Control an area of Zengcheng including a waste water treatment plant an irrigated field for farming bordering an old secondary school
  • Usefulness: Cheap grey market goods, shamanic reagents, street rumors in the east central area of Zengcheng
  • Interests / Education: Shrooms, reagents, farming, local economy, grey market goods
    Connection Rating: 1

Ji Ji

  • Black Karma Warez Dealer
  • Female Human, early 20s, athletic build, hair styles change frequently, circuitry tats.
  • Runs a small electronics shop at the night market in Liwan
  • Usefulness: Grey and Black market electronics, comm link and cyber deck mods, roller blading.
  • Interests / Education: Liwan Area, Hot Warez, SOTA hardware, Black Karma Network
    Connection Rating: 2


  • Gao Lok Bao Wu White Paper Fan
  • Human Male, mid to late 50’s
  • Specializes in moving goods around Guangzhou and the Pearl River Delta
  • Operates out of a Tour Guide Business in Liwan
  • Usefulness: Smuggling gear, obtaining river or road transportation, fencing antiquities, art, foci
  • Interests / Education: Smuggling, asian antiquities, fine art, foci value
    Connection Rating: 4

Boss Gwai

  • Wan Jin Gwa Red Pole
  • Dwarven male in his 30’s
  • Leads a mostly dwarven crew related to him by blood or guanxi
  • Specializes in vice and lodging for “dignitaries” to Zengcheng
  • Usefulness: Having a good time, laying low in Zengcheng
  • Interests / Education: Phantom Lord politics, Vice operations, Underworld rumors, corporate crime rumors
    Connection Rating: 3


  • Wan Jin Gwa Red Pole
  • Over 2 meter tall Ork with obvious cyber mods such as dermal plating and muscle replacement. Her lower left arm is matte black cyber arm with a green sheen to it.
  • Mostly an enforcer loyal to the Green Priest, she now oversees security for the new Sheung Fa, Saiffuden.
  • Usefulness: Safehouses in Zengchen, getting intel on underworld security, acquiring the services of the Black Typhoons
  • Interests / Education: Wan Jin Gwa politics, Triad security in Zengcheng, SOTA cyber
    Connection Rating: 3

The Green Priest (Lo Sha Feng)

  • Exiled Wan Jin Gwa Sheung Fa
  • Human male, well dressed, late 40’s
  • Usefulness: Getting connected to arms dealers, smuggling, getting dirt on other Wan Jin Gwa Sheung Fa’s
  • Interests / Education: Wan Jin Gwa Rival Sheung Fa’s, Who’s Who in the CC Underworld, Pearl River Delta smugglers, money laundering operations
    Connection Rating: 6

Targets and POI’s
Lu Khan

  • Society of the Black Rose Red Pole
  • Territory is in South Eastern Zengcheng
  • Rumored to be making moves to be recognized as a Sheung Fa. His crew are pushing out a lot of ethnic gangs and gaining revenue with sweat shops and drugs

The Scorpion

  • Wan Jin Gwa Sheung Fa
  • Main candidate to be elected as the Shan Chu or Dragon Head
  • Has connections to illicit corporate shenanigans in her territory

Thi Vong

  • 80 Dragon Sheung Fa
  • One of the most powerful gangsters in Zengcheng. His sweatshops and connections make him one of the most formidable personalities in all of Guangzhou

Gui Ya Shen

  • Demons from the Hell of Black Ropes
  • Commonly associated with Night Terrors and Dream Paralysis
  • Seem to be allied with the Jiangshi

Shin Qao Hen

  • Warlord of Haiyen, Guanxii
  • Ally of Sichuan

Hu Zheng

  • Baihu’s Chief Sales officer in their Arms Division

Pei Weng

  • Junior Defense Minister of Sichuan

Wong Fei

  • Minor bureaucrat with the National Ministy of Arts and Culture
  • Received appointment from the head of the Ministry, Ma Yu Yi, a Cantonese Technocratic Party appointee
  • Human Male, Daoist initiate Mage
  • Connected financially to the Eclipse Club
  • Believed to be Connected to the Jiangshi
  • Lives in a high end apartment in Tianhe

Mao Yi

  • Human female socialite
  • Runs the Eclipse Club
  • Known as a Jiangshi to Kaeda Lin and Yang

Rebecca Chu

  • Dwarven Female
  • Senior Analyst for Kami Consulting, a military consultation company contracted to the Canton Confederation.
  • Known to be a headcase by Archangel

Captain Fan Nui

  • Knight Errant Firewatch Commander in Hong Kong
  • Associate of Kai Po Li

Colonel Chu

  • Wan Jin Gwa Red Pole
  • Gained territory and new opportunities by supporting the Scorpion against the Green Priest
  • Most of his veteran Sze Kao are mercs that left Combat Inc. after action in the GeMiTo megaplex known affectionately as the Dragon War of 74
  • He has 2 very competent lieutenants in Ice, a combat mage, and the Duke of Thunder, a technomancer.

Guo Pang

  • The Man From Macau, nuff said
  • Human Male

Shar Pei

  • Wan Jin Gwa Sheung Fa
  • Human Male
  • Well connected sweat shop operator in Zengshen

Tung Buhai

  • He is on the board of directors and a major shareholder in Baihu
  • Connected to the Eclipse Club
  • Believed by Yang to be the head of a cabal of Jiangshi

Wei Jintau

  • Sheung Fa of the Zaan Jip Kong
  • Operates out of the Savannah Club
Mr. Wu (Feng Xilai)
  • Mr. Wu that represents crucial interests for Kai Po Li
  • Handsome Elven male, usually accompanied by a second during his meetings

The Black Typhoons

  • Cabal of aspected mages that offer up their services to any Wan Jin Gwa boss that can pay them
  • Trouble shooters not known for subtlety
  • Elven Conjuror, Human bearded Alchemist, and Human Sorceror, they don’t give their names out

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